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Very very basic doodle, with the emphasis on the foliage on the tree. I had never really attempted something like this before so will need more practice. The idea was to see if I could give the foliage a textured look with bright colours without making it look too cartoony...

step by step under the cut...Collapse )

Finished Painting of my cat

Painted from start to finish in Corel Painter. First time I've used the program! However I did something wrong (can't work out what) and the final file has come out very very dark...

Fiery Doodle

Playing around with a demo of Corel Painter X - basic brushes etc. imported into photoshop to add the flare. :0)

Red panda painted in flash and inked with Toon Titan. Finished with quicky background in photoshop...

My First Doodle for the year!

Inspired by real-life events :

Also, just for fun : Who doesn't Like a Bicky?